OSLRG: "Among the best of the best"

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OSL Referee Badges

The OSLRG Referees use OSL Referee Badges seen below when officiating non USSF Matches.  Each of the badges include the OSL Champions Cup Emblem and each has a different coloring associated with different significance in recognizing the accomplishments of the officiating level that the referee has achieved and/or is performing at. 

The three OSL Referee Badges are pictured above.  From left to right, they are designated R1, R2 and R3 grade levels for the OSLRG.

OSL REFEREE GRADE- R1 = is generally considered to be among the top 2% of referees, the OSL GRADE R1, which would typically include USSF National Referees, which are qualified to referee at the MLS Professional Level and be assistant referees at International matches. Some of these referees you will have seen on television officiating top level games.

OSL REFEREE GRADE- R2 = is generally considered to be among the top 3% to 10% of referees, the OSL GRADE R2, which would typically include USSF State Level Referees, which are qualified to officiate professional level games as an assistant referee and officiate as the referee at all men's amateur level competitions below that of the professional games.

OSL REFEREE GRADE- R3 = is generally considered to be among the top 10-20% of referees, which have either established themselves as up and coming referees or as stable and highly competent in their abilities as a referee and assistant referee. Generally speaking, these referees are very close to either moving into the higher referee grade, or are already generally performing at a sufficient level to be officiating adult amateur games as part of the OSLRG group of referees.


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